“Context comes from the Latin contexere meaning to weave together, to join together or to compose. The context is the interconnected whole that gives meaning to the parts.” George Butterworth

Contextual Architecture is an architecture whose design inspiration comes from acknowledging not only the immediate, but the larger context of the building. Kruhly Architects practices in a manner that incorporates the context of the building into the design in a very substantial way. Our buildings are never decorated to fit into their settings. There is always an overall integrity in the relationship between functional, programmatic, environmental and contextual needs.

The firm is proud of not being a “signature” design firm. We have intentionally never developed a stylistic formula for our work. Each of our projects looks different because each is a response to a collaboration with a different client, each reflects the client's history and set of values, each is an effort to make our work appropriate .

We do not bring a stylistic formula to our design but we do come with a well-defined set of values that have always distinguished our work: